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Our goal is to educate the public to the historical significance of the trails as they traversed through the Greater Kansas City area.  The country was developed on this basic form of transportation.  Each trail with its own importance; Santa Fe Trail was a trail of commerce.  Oregon Trail was a route of emigrants to discover new territory. California Trail went west to find “gold”. Lewis and Clark to find a primary water route that would link the east to the west.

National Historic Trails Protection Statement:              

The following statement has been created and adopted by the Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association to reflect the basis of its position and policy on the protection and preservation of the Nation’s National Historic Trails, and other recognized historic frontier trails:


            Our National Historic Trails, as part of the National Trails System, was created by Congress through the National Trails System Act in 1968, as amended in 1978, to include what is now nineteen (19) significant overland and water routes that represent America's westward expansion movement and historical heritage. 

These are trails of exploration, trade, commerce, and pioneer settlement.  

All historic trails are fragile, subject to threats by nature’s elements, impacts from commercial and residential development, and vandalism. Our historic trails are national treasures, found on both public and private lands.

Reflecting America’s heritage, they deserve vigilant protection.   

The Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association does not endorse nor condone any action which disturbs, causes damage to, or harms the condition of any portion, or resources, of any trail within our National Historic Trails system, or other recognized historic frontier trails.


  The Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association endorses and approves of authorized scientifically conducted archaeology to study human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and non-human physical remains, in relation to the conservation of resources of any trail within our National Historic Trails system, or along other historic frontier trails. 

Such archaeology shall be for scientific research, allowing for further understanding of the historic context of our Nation’s frontier trails, the western expansion movement of our Nation, and examining the lives of the native peoples and pioneers through objects they made, possessed and left behind. Authorization for approved, scientifically conducted archaeology should be made through the National Park Service, the offices of the various National Trails Associations, or other area trail preservation interest groups. Said archaeology shall conform to applicable laws, regulations, and professional archeological standards, guidelines, and practices.



Gary L. Hicks, President                                                                               

Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association


  (Initially adopted 13October2014)

(revFinal v6_1Aug , 2016 _ includes ref. to Archaeology)