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Trails in the Greater Kansas City Area

Our organization has been locating and marking the trail through the Greater Kansas City Area since the 1990’s which has led to the erection of 162 historic trail markers at trail crossings. Interpretative wayside exhibits have been placed at historic hard points of the trails. Our “Brown signs” indicate the hard points where the trails ran along today’s roads. The routes include the Fort Leavenworth to Fort Scott Military Road, the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails including various branches from the State Line to Gardner Junction and from Fort Leavenworth to the Johnson/Miami county line.

KCAHTA MAP - Learn about the trails in our area

Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association offers a Map of the trail marking locations in and around Johnson County Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area.  There are 2 options to receive one!


1) If you would like one of our maps, simply send a check for $7.00 ($5.00 for the map + $2.00 shipping and handling) along with a  note indicating that you would like a map to our address below. Or one can be sent to you by clicking on the "Contact Us" button above and sending an email to us. Once we have your mailing information and payment, your map and brochure they will be sent to you.


2) The brochure offers you the chance to become a KCAHTA member for an amazing $10.00 per year; as well as other catagories of required membership level.  Along with your paid membership into KCAHTA you will receive the map for "FREE" and one of our newly designed logo lapel pins!  


                        Doesn't matter if you live near or far from Kansas City if you are interested in becoming a member to learn more about the trails this                                       is a great way to do it!


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Mission/Purpose Statement:

The KANSAS CITY AREA HISTORIC TRAILS ASSOCIATION is organized to work individually or in cooperation with other groups or individuals to promote public awareness of the historic trails in the area and to initiate and coordinate activities to preserve and protect the historic routes, sites and trail remains through research, identification, mapping, marking, interpretation and education. It shall be the purpose of the association to be exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.



National Historic Trails Protection Statement

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UPDATED: Apr 14, 2017