This national day, always on the first Saturday in June, was developed by American Hiking Society a couple of decades ago to draw attention to our National Trails System and to urge people to get out on the trails.  It emphasizes the thirty National Historic and Scenic Trails as well as all the hiking and biking recreational trails across the nation; all are a part of the National Trails System.    

  When Pat Traffas was president of Trails Head Chapter, we held very successful Rendezvous events in 2006, 2008 and 2010 on National Trails Day at the Lone Elm Rendezvous Shelter.  Trails Head did not host one in 2012 because we were hosting the OCTA National Convention in Lawrence.

  Jean Coupal-Smith,Trails Head current president, came up with the idea to resume the event on June 3, this year’s National Trails Day.  See ya there!