Kroh Maps Digitization
Attached letter explains the what and why we are asking for Donations for this project.
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At the Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium in St. Louis September 25-28, our deceased friend, historic trails leader and co-founder of KCAHTA, Lee Kroh, received their Hall of Fame Award.

This award is intended to recognize both Historic and Modern deceased men and women who are recognized for travels on or contributions to the preservation, promotion, protection and education of the public about the Santa Fe Trail.

Lee’s work in mapping the Santa Fe Trail from Old Franklin, MO to Santa Fe, NM produced maps that are unrivaled in accuracy. His work focused on the 1855 General Land Office Surveys and Maps and endless days out on the trail, much of the time with his wife Dorothy.

Lee’s work also enabled the placement of about 350 brown signs on roadway locations that mark the crossings in Johnson, Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties of the Santa Fe-Oregon- California Trails on both the Independence Route and the North and South Branches of the Westport Route, plus the Fort Leavenworth Military Road and the California Road between Westport and Lawrence. These signs were all placed (and replaced) by KCAHTA.

His legacy will live on because, as you will read in other places in this newsletter, his hundreds of USGS Quadrangle maps will be digitized and made available to the public for many generations yet to come.

Lee was a charter member of SFTA and will be remembered for a long time for his great work!





We have a wonderful opportunity to get

Lee Kroh’s trail maps digitized and make

his information available to the public!

KCAHTA Executive Committee is committed to do it!


However it is not free and

we need donations to make it work.


The work will be done by the Kansas Historical Society

using a very professional photographic process.

The cost is $2600


The good news is that we have a donor

who has offered to match our donations up to $1000 !


Please consider a tax-deductable donation and send to:

                    Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association

                    5400 Johnson Drive, Suite 275

                    Mission, Kansas  66205-2911


Or, make your donation by Credit Card: Call (816-853-1012)

                    KCAHTA Treasurer can collect over the phone


Deadline - December 15


Your membership and support of KCAHTA projects is

greatly valued and integral to our ongoing mission!!

We don’t want to miss this opportunity!


See the attachment for more information


Bob Courtney

Chair, KCAHTA Archives Committee