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If you are interested in becoming a member of Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association please download the form, complete it and mail to our mailing address with your check in the amount of the desired membership level.
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Want to become a member because you like what we're about? Do you share the same interests?


Please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our organization!


Credit Card Payments are now accepted!!

If making your payment would be easier by Credit Card - KCAHTA can now accept that form of payment. 

Please see the "BUTTONS" on the HOME PAGE for making Credit Card Payments through PayPal

(816) 853-1012 or email for further information to <>


NEW Lapel pin

Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association


The Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association is happy to announce that we have a NEW organization lapel pin. 

Here’s how you can have one of these attractive pins for yourself.

  1. If you are already a member consider upping your membership level to the next level. (example: Regular member upgrade to a Supporting membership.. $10.00 per yr to $25.00 per year.. etc per category) You will also receive a KCAHTA Historic Trails Map and writing pen as well as our lapel pin.
  2. Become a new member! For a $10.00 regular membership per year you will not only receive a KCAHTA Historic Trails Map, a writing pen, but also one of our new lapel pins! This is a great value for your $10.00 membership as a NEW member. (Map $7.00 to include mailing fee plus $6.00 for the lapel pin) A $13.00 value that you get with your paid membership of just $10.00.  As a new member you will also receive quarterly e-newsletters and other notifications that the organization is being involved with.
  3. Last but not least – if you would like to have a lapel pin to add to your other “trail” organizations pins; you can purchase one for $6.00 plus $1.00 mailing fee.  Or if you plan to attend our Annual meeting or Joint meetings, which we will be having throughout the year, plan on purchasing one then – besides we’d love to have you attend our meetings and become involved if so inclined!!

Inquires about receiving a lapel pin can be indicated when mailing in your yearly dues or by contacting Jean Coupal-Smith at email:  or


5400 Johnson Dr. Ste #275   

Mission, KS  66205-2911